Zircon Feather Brooch

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This stunning feather brooch features an array of cubic zirconia stones with a faux pearl centerpiece. No matter what you wear it with, you'll be adding a look of delicate elegance to your ensemble that is sure to draw many compliments.

What does a feather brooch say about the wearer?

A feather is a symbol of deep spirituality. The indigenous peoples of North America are well known for their use of feathers in spiritual ceremonies, as have other cultures as well.

In addition to its spiritual value, a feather is also an indication of lightness. It can communicate that you are laying your burdens down, at least for the moment, and enjoying a moment of freedom.

Dimensions: 2.6 in. tall / 1.3 in. wide
Cubic Zirconia
Metals Type: Copper and Zircon