Precious Lil' Pug Brooch

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This precious little pug brooch really captures what we all love about this breed: Pugs are just sweet little cutie pies! If you're a fan of pugs, you need this pug brooch. If there's a pug living in your house, NOT ordering this pug brooch would be tantamount to betrayal. And somehow, your poor lil' pug will know!

What does a pug brooch say about the wearer?

If there's one thing that dogs are universally known for, it's loyalty. But dog lovers know that dogs are much more than loyal companions! They are friends, protectors, exercise buddies, therapists, and constant companions through thick and thin. "Man's best friend," indeed.

Dimensions: 1.2 in. tall / 1.0 in. wide
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy