Majestic Heron Brooch

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This heron brooch is a thing of beauty. A large rhinestone adorns the body, and smaller rhinestones cover the rest of this majestic bird.

At nearly four inches tall, this beautiful heron brooch is sure to attract attention!

What does a heron brooch say about the wearer?

Birds can mean many things to people of various cultures and faiths. In general, however, birds typically symbolize freedom ... freedom to roam the skies, and freedom from the busy lives we lead on Earth.

Herons have meant various things to different people around the world. Native Americans believed them to be good luck. In Chinese culture, herons are a symbol of strength, purity, and long life. Perhaps the most flattering claim is the Egyptian belief that the heron is the creator of light!

Dimensions: 3.8 in. tall / 2.0 in. wide

Metals Type: Zinc Alloy