Korean Style Opal Flower Brooch

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The reason we call this "Korean style" is because Michael (our co-founder) has a picture of his birth mother wearing something similar. Many brooches worn in Korea at the time of the photo were inspired by Korea's national flower, the Rose of Sharon.

What does a flower brooch say about the wearer?

Flowers are valued for their beauty ... but more than anything, they represent both hope and resilience. When a flower grows, hope is always alive. There is hope that love will endure. There is hope that life will be prosperous. And there is hope for a future full of light.

And even after the most devastating of events, the sight of a flower is a sign that things will be okay. It is a signal that life will go on.

Dimensions: 2.2 in. tall / 1.3 in. wide
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy