Glamorous Rhinestone Parrot Brooch

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With sparkling rhinestones from beak to tail feathers, this gorgeous parrot brooch is considerably fancier than its tropical party bird cousin ... but Rhinestone Parrot can be as fun as any bird in the tropics! It just wears its colors in a way that's a tad more glamorous.

Bird lovers of all kinds will cherish this parrot brooch for its beauty and unique flair.

What does a parrot brooch say about the wearer?

Birds can mean many things to people of various cultures and faiths. In general, however, birds typically symbolize freedom ... freedom to roam the skies, and freedom from the busy lives we lead on Earth.

And parrots ... well, they're a lot like flamingoes in that they're all about FUN!

Dimensions: 2.6 in. tall / 0.8 in. wide

Metals Type: Zinc Alloy