Dazzling Rhinestone Frog Brooch

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This fantastical frog brooch features a little tree frog that is awash in glittering rhinestones. The placement of the stones is interesting ... is our little frog friend in the middle of completing its journey to adulthood? Or could those sparkling rhinestones represent new life?

If you know an expectant mother, this frog brooch will really make her day! And she'll feel even more special when she learns that frogs have a long history of blessing mommies-to-be.

If you are shopping for yourself, you are sure to enjoy this frog brooch anytime you could use a little extra luck.

What does a frog brooch say about the wearer?

Like many animals that can be found in habitats around the world, frogs have come to symbolize many things to many different cultures. Two of the most common ideas associated with frogs are luck and fertility, and these traits have been known to be combined into a frog blessing for expectant mothers.

Dimensions: 1.3 in. tall / 1.4 in. wide

Metals Type: Zinc Alloy