Cute Rhinestone Crab Brooch

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This lovely crab brooch features a large rhinestone centerpiece that is encircled by smaller rhinestones. Additional rhinestones form the eyes and accent the crab's legs.

Whether you have a love for the sea or just appreciate the crab for its natural beauty, this brooch will add something truly special to your outfit.

What does a crab brooch say about the wearer?

What the crab symbolizes is largely tied to one of its defining features: its shell. To many, the crab is a sign of protection and defense against those who mean harm. And because the crab naturally sheds its shell and grows a new one at some point in its life, rebirth is another theme that is often associated with these beautiful and unique creatures.

Dimensions: 1.8 in. tall / 2.0 in. wide
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy