Cute & Nerdy Owl Brooch

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This nerdy little predator of the night is the smartest bird on the block! A pair of rhinestones bring out the eyes, and the look is completed with a furrowed brow and hilariously big spectacles.

Smart people are the coolest people. Wear your intelligence on your sleeve! Or wherever you think this nerdy owl brooch would be most at home.

What does an owl brooch say about the wearer?

Owls are commonly associated with intelligence and wisdom. Many ancient cultures, however, have revered owls in numerous other ways ... some saw the owl as a link to the spiritual world, and others viewed it as a protector and guardian. The owl has also long served as a reminder to stay true to ourselves.

Dimensions: 1.2 in. tall / 0.9 in. wide

Metals Type: Zinc Alloy